Sega’s Jurassic Park in-game kiosks

I was hired by Sega of America in 1993 into their Multimedia Studio to help design the Jurassic Park CD game for the Sega Genesis. I worked with designer Dick Holmes on content for the dinosaur kiosks.  

This is part of a HyperCard stack that Dick created to plan for all the text, images, videos, and animation that were part of the kiosk throughout the park. 

The dinosaur images were all from the preproduction department for the Universal movie. Artist Mark ‘Crash’ MacCreery created a lot of fantastic dinosaurs, especially the hatching babies.  

Our in house video team created the interview videos with paleontologist Dr. Robert Bakker, he gave the player clues about dinosaur behavior that could be useful in the game. The videos needed to be compressed heavily to work with the Sega Genesis consol but it was exciting back then to see anything that looked like video on a home gaming system.

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