My first office

This was my first office at Apple c. 1988-89. The plaque with the Explorer CD-Rom helps to date it, that was Apples first consumer CD-rom from ’88, the team had to have custom tools created so we could include color Macintosh images. 

I worked on my portion of Explorer in my drafty garage as a contractor and caught bronchitis and pneumonia but it was still fun. 

There was a huge column in the corner of this office, I think I put the camera up against the edge of it for this photo. The boxy computer accessories to the right of the keyboard are the Giant CD-ROM drive and external hard disk (20 megs! How will I ever fill it?)

That is a floppy disk sticking out of the Mac II, young people might know it better as the save icon.

Toy-wise we have the first Star Trek tng figures from Galoob. Pee Wee Herman’s pal Pteri and Mattel’s Shogun Godzilla. I started collecting toys in the early 80s.

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