Video Games that didn’t carve out a spot in the rest of the website

Garfield: Caught in the Act Sega Game Gear
Based on the popular comic strip, this game features Garfield stuck in a late-night TV adventure. Eric Quakenbush produced this title for Sega’s Game Gear platform. It was the first 8-Mb Game Gear cartridge ever created.

Notes from a design meeting
Notes from a design meeting

The Kamen Rider: Masked Rider ZO Sega CD


Mega Bomberman Sega Genesis bomberman

This super fun game featured a challenging single player game as well as the ability to play with four players simultaneously.
I coordinated testing resources and worked closely with a marketing person and a Sega of Japan liaison in order to bring this perennial multiplayer favorite to the Genesis.

bomber-1start screen

bomber2blow up your friends and foes

Sega’s Jurassic Park in-game kiosks

I was hired by Sega of America in 1993 into their Multimedia Studio to help design the Jurassic Park CD game for the Sega Genesis. I worked with designer Dick Holmes on content for the dinosaur kiosks.  

This is part of a HyperCard stack that Dick created to plan for all the text, images, videos, and animation that were part of the kiosk throughout the park. 

The dinosaur images were all from the preproduction department for the Universal movie. Artist Mark ‘Crash’ MacCreery created a lot of fantastic dinosaurs, especially the hatching babies.  

Our in house video team created the interview videos with paleontologist Dr. Robert Bakker, he gave the player clues about dinosaur behavior that could be useful in the game. The videos needed to be compressed heavily to work with the Sega Genesis consol but it was exciting back then to see anything that looked like video on a home gaming system.

My first office

This was my first office at Apple c. 1988-89. The plaque with the Explorer CD-Rom helps to date it, that was Apples first consumer CD-rom from ’88, the team had to have custom tools created so we could include color Macintosh images. 

I worked on my portion of Explorer in my drafty garage as a contractor and caught bronchitis and pneumonia but it was still fun. 

There was a huge column in the corner of this office, I think I put the camera up against the edge of it for this photo. The boxy computer accessories to the right of the keyboard are the Giant CD-ROM drive and external hard disk (20 megs! How will I ever fill it?)

That is a floppy disk sticking out of the Mac II, young people might know it better as the save icon.

Toy-wise we have the first Star Trek tng figures from Galoob. Pee Wee Herman’s pal Pteri and Mattel’s Shogun Godzilla. I started collecting toys in the early 80s.