Game Design
Usable Software for the Mac, iOS, TV, & PC.

Training and Workshops


Screen Printing


Notes and photos from the first Screen Printing workshop at the HICapacity Maker-Space in Honolulu.



Lomography is a fun hobby based around slightly crummy cameras that were coming out of Russia a while back. Double exposures, imperfect lenses, odd colors are all part of the charm.

Software & Research Journals


Project Journals can be invaluable tools, they help you keep things that would otherwise be lost the next time you move your office. changes in storage devices and digital image formats mean that you can't always go back and look at things you archived digitally.

check back for details on upcoming Honolulu events

Patient, one on one training for most creative software on the Mac & PC.

Sessions are $45 an hour at your Oahu home, office, or local internet cafe.
Call for schedule and course information: 8o8-56l-l299


Expert in Photoshop and Dreamweaver on multiple platforms.

Skilled in Illustrator, Microsoft Office, Digital video editing & DVD authoring.

I can also help with teaching you to create and maintain your own website and blog.