Sun ONE Identity Server 6.0 software is a standards-based product designed to help organizations manage secure access to Web and non Web-based applications both on the intranet and extranet. Sun ONE Identity Server 6.0 provides scalable access management services that help secure the delivery of business information.

In a collaboration with Rocket Communications, Inc. and the iPlanet HIE group, Eric Quakenbush provided interface design and information architecture for a complex browser-based app for IT users. Eric created a series of design studies for search features and created hundreds of detailed mock-ups of the administration tool's final appearance.
gave the 6.0 release a great review mentioning the "excellent administration interface."

Sun has a detailed UI design guideline for their browser-based applications but several of the features of the Identity Server product were unique and were not yet covered in the guideline. In particular the team needed the 'quick search' and 'view' tools to be designed in way that worked with existing guidelines and would also allow users to distinguish between the two tools.
Changing the labels, button names, and layouts of the two tools helped users to distinguish between them. These examples also show how the buttons and tables of information were tightened up and tweaked to be as clear as possible.
There were many places in the product where an administrator would need to input information about a user, group, or service. Several of these input situations required multiple steps of navigation in order to provide only the appropriate information fields.
The redesigned screen collected common information like the user name first and then used a wizard-like navigation scheme to step through and collect the data that was affected by variable factors like 'membership type.'

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