PowerTV's SofaMAIL 1.0 and 2.0

SofaMAIL 1.0
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Quakenbush Design helped in designing, prototyping and in final production of PowerTV's interactiveTV email application, SofaMAIL.

Creating software for new platforms is an exciting challenge- there are no toolboxes to call on for common interface elements, even the font engine has to be created while you are designing the product.





When a SofaMAIL user receives an image file along with their email they look at the images in the View Attachment dialog.

SofaMAIL 2.0
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PowerTV needed to upgrade their popular SofaMAIL 1.0 application to incorporate live TV content. Quakenbush Design took on the redesign challenge so that the staff product designer could focus on implementing the new SofaSURF application.


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