Delivery Management System,
Network Publisher 2.0

Network Publisher enables business users to easily publish, manage, and measure results of digital communications. Using an easy-to-use, web-based application, enterprise users can publish content and apply delivery and security rules from a single web interface.
Information architecture for a suite of browser-based tools aimed at IT administrators, Knowledge workers, and individual contributors Kontiki's Delivery Management System software is designed to help corporations like Sony Pictures Entertainment, Nextel, and Verisign publish and deliver digital video and documents to their employees, customers and consumers.

Kontiki was in the process of creating their Delivery Management System (DMS) around their metadata publishing tool and unique peer to peer broadcast network. The authoring and set-up portion of the system was comprised of a suite of browser-based tools: Network Publiser 2.0, Network Protector, and Network Manager. They also wanted to provide tools for DRM and ACL protection as well as allowing certificate based login.


Eric Quakenbush worked on-site for 3 months interviewing stakeholders, providing detailed production estimates, and creating mock-ups showing how new features would fit into current tools and how the separate tools would work together in a suite. Eric also created flowcharts of a new log in process and of the complex tool suite.

Functional Specs, flow charts, and other information architecture documents contain sensitive client information and cannot be posted on the web. Please contact us if you have questions regarding Quakenbush Design's IA examples and case studies.

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