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The Mac Basics Tour features an animated character who introduces novice users to computer concepts. Eric Quakenbush created the character and environments that explained desktop metaphors in simple language.

Eric Quakenbush created, illustrated, and animated the tour's "host" character to deliver the content and demonstrate new concepts to first time Macintosh users. Developed electronic storyboarding techniques that enabled the team to react quickly to updates of the tour. Produced testing spec for SCM testing. Responsible for visual development, navigation, and user interaction.

1990 Best of Show award & Distinguished award

- Society for Technical Communications,
Puget Sound Chapter

1991 Best of Category & Distinguished award

- Society for Technical Communications,
Silicon Valley Chapter

Mac Basics started out as a black and white tour for the Macintosh SE and fit onto a floppy disk. It was created in VideoWorks, a precursor to Macromedia's Director software.
Eric created a tool to track content and interaction for the tours. The customizable content required careful planning and tracking in pre-production.
The host character, Jay, was also used as an animated character for Apple's Text to Speech software.
Additional characters were designed for the tours, Connie got into the Text to Speech application also.

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