SegaSoft SegaSoft's HEAT Network Launch


For its new Internet gaming service, SegaSoft needed an interactive design that was both unique to the industry and would appeal to gamers. SegaSoft wanted HEAT to be a gaming community, where gamers could interact with each other before entering into head-to-head competition.

While at Rocket Communication, Eric and his partner, Michal Anne, were brought in to work with SegaSoft's Omega Team, acting as external Art Directors for the internal design team.

To create a unique look that would appeal to gamers, a Neo-Russian design theme was developed to evoke the days of the Cold War. This underlying theme was used for creation of a custom type font, textures, controls, and icons to create a seamless, immersive world.

Eric worked with several illustrators to produce dozens of character portraits from a variety of history, folklore, and fantasy sources. These avatars gave the users the flexibility they wanted to portray themselves in a unique manner.

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