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Shadow of Atlantis Video Game
Pre-production sketches, models, and storyboards by Eric Quakenbush

I created this ROV from a jet fighter model kit. The animation engineer reproduced it exactly in his model.

this is a model of the Nautilus that I kit-bashed from a Batman Boat kit, it is missing the dorsal fin and tail fin.


  Pre production sketch for an Atlantian ecosystem puzzle, artist unknown (probably Matt Crane)

the puzzle was to balance the number of predators, prey, and vegetation. the animals were represented by little robots that roamed the dome.


  Storyboards created by Eric Quakenbush in HyperCard. Click images to see larger version.

 Art and Music Credits: Mimi Doggett, Matt Crane, Mike Mangano, Mike Provenza, Brian Kumanchik, Barry Blum

   Virtua Hamster video game
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