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Shadow of Atlantis Video Game Images

a view from Captain Nemo's lab facing the airlock.

the aft section of the lab, the spiral staircase leads to the grand salon and can be retracted to create an air-tight seal between decks.

Additional images
Nautilus submarine
The Nautilus
nautilus plan
Blueprint of Verne's Nautilus with some additions.
remote controlled mini-sub
Remote Vehicle
ship deck
The player awakens on the beach of a mysterious island after a shipwreck.
Flashbacks show the ship before the wreck. This ship model would have been redressed as a pirate ship that the player finds frozen in an iceberg.
nautilus underway
rear of the Nautilus
The Nautilus a shot of the sub moving away from the camera.
sunken wreck closer to the wreck
A wreck off of the coast of the island. the lights of the remote vehicle reach the wreck
The ROV in the airlock. The dive suits were placeholders. The Minotaur statue is from Plato's description of Atlantis.
maze wind maze
Part of a labyrinth.  The background for a wind maze.
Kraken sea serpent
The Kraken, evil or just misunderstood? A mutant sea creature
plesiasaur sea-weed man
The Nautilus makes it to an ocean in the
center of the Earth where dinosaurs still thrive.
a mutant from the nautilus crew.
morphing mutation sea monster
the player can tell how bad they are mutating by looking at their hand, mutant sea life
the mutation sequence for a human, the last stage is to be avoided if you don't have 'ick' medication handy.

 Art and Music Credits: Mimi Doggett, Matt Crane, Mike Mangano, Mike Provenza, Brian Kumanchik, Barry Blum

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